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The Rain column is the result of an immersion into the inner serenity of Martin's world.

The Rain Column carries primarily the personal story of its inventor Martin Pečenka Klíma. If you want to understand why this musical therapeutic instrument is so special and why it works, you need to understand what was behind its creation.  

Martin's life was one big paradox. His personal idea of living in harmony and love was hacked from childhood by very traumatic events. Harsh disharmony in the family, an encounter with the death of a loved one at a young age, then the personal struggle with a disrupted psyche and fall into an alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety. It was admirable about Martin that despite these unfortunate factors, he did not give up his life until the last days and he always tried to improve it while never forgetting the life of others. 

He embarked on a journey of searching the inner peace and that took him in inventing such a powerful tool as a Rain column. Working on this invention was challenging, yet for Martin it was a journey of self-healing. To bring himself into a stage of an absolute peace and to be present here and now with only a rain column, figuring out how to tweak the sound, how to extend the time of a flow, how to make the rotation lighter, shrinking its body or beautifying the surface, that was the right meditation for Martin, which ran over ten years.


Much water has been flowing before this original creation saw the daylight in the perfect form it has today. Even in Martin's life, during this time, strong healing processes were happening. The intention which was inserted into this work is therefore very clear. It is the intention of healing. That's why the Rain column works so great. It is popular in thirty countries around the world and has an incredible reach in human lives. 

As well as in this case, quality inventions find their competition. There were people who cut Martin's column into pieces and attempted to copy his authentic work for their profit. But the universe is very wise in this. The purpose of just a profit these copies are carrying within themselves can never merge with Martin's original intention. Notwithstanding Martin's love for details and his craftsmanship precision in developing the production process, these are also impossible to steal. 

Martin was a man with a big heart and left a great gift for people who seek harmony in their hearts. We thank all of you who are being helped by this author's work whether in personal meditations or during the music therapies. And all of you who approach it with love and respect.

Martin's recipe and recommendation on meditations was as simple as life itself:

“Sit down in silence..

Breathe deeply..

and listen..

nothing else needs to be done.”

The greatest creative force is hidden inside of us, in our inner tranquility. Miracles happen from here. The Rain column is the result of an immersion into the inner serenity of Martin's world. Although Martin did not find lasting peace in this world, I believe, there he is now, he is enjoying it with full sips.


Let us bless his Soul for Eternity. 

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