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A unique relaxation tool harmonizing mind, body and soul.


A rain column is a hexagonal wooden instrument creating the sound of rain and running water. It runs by simply turning upside down as an hour-glass. To immerse yourself in the beneficial effects of crystal clear, natural sounds of this instrument, you just need to sit or lie down comfortably and focus on the sound of running water that will bring you to the space of inner peace.


Each piece is a hand-made author's work, whose body is entirely made of natural materials. Only high-quality sonorous trees are carefully selected for production. For the final finish of the surface, the original Martin's recipe of a mixture of natural waxes and essential oils is used.


You can purchase rain columns from authorized dealers:

Rain column – ELM

  • Velikost sloupů a Čas přetékání

    50 cm teče 4 minuty

    60 cm teče 7 minut

    70 cm teče 9 minut

    70 cm v dřevě (jilm ořech) teče 12 minut

    88 cm teče 22 minut

    120 cm 40 minut

    150 cm přetéká 60 minut

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